Cars produced by Toyota are extremely popular all over the world. One of its flagship models is the Toyota Land Cruiser - a passenger car whose history dates back to 1941, when the first prototypes were created. Since then, the car is regularly modernised and every few years a new model is released.

People looking for a family car place importance primarily on driving safety and low maintenance costs. That is why more and more people who frequently travel with their entire family, and especially with young children, choose hybrid cars. One of the most interesting models is the Pacifica Hybrid made by Chrysler’s designers and engineers.

What's so fascinating about how a man moves? Well, hundreds of muscles, bones and joints are put in motion in order to perform any given action. On a daily basis, we don’t really notice how complex the process of moving from place to place or reaching for objects really is. However, movement is something vehicle manufacturers have always been fascinated by, because it is thanks to this enthusiasm that they have the opportunity to improve their products. 

Imagine that today you’ve just started working as a porter at a casino. Your main task is not only to greet the guests, but also to park their cars in the parking lot. You feel anxious and stressed out, because any single setback could end your career. And suddenly, here in front of you your brand new Volvo FH truck pulls up and the owner asks to have it parked.

Do you remember the famous splits Jean-Claude Van Damme did between two racing trucks? If so, then we have good news for you - Volvo is back with a new idea about how to promote its new car models... And you can certainly bet that it will not be missing the same amount of sensation as experienced last year!

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