Tuesday, 31 December 2019 06:42

Interview with jewelry designer Karen Ko.

Since we loved Karen’s Jewelry, we wanted to interview her to find out more about the woman behind the label. In the interview featured below, Karen talks about growing up in Hawaii with her parents who owned a fine Jewelry store, honing her talents at F.I.T and why she decided to start k20 by Karen Ko. In essence, check out the interview and pictures from our visit to Karen’s showroom.

People have always loved jewellery for thousands of years. It used to have religious, ornamental, symbolic or social status function. It was believed in the magical power of jewellery. Silver or gold jewellery were also sacrificed to the gods or the jewellery was used as a symbol of authority.

A modern man is a man who is elegant, with a style that expresses confidence while maintaining a bit of nonchalance. This combination allows him to continuously strive for and achieve success, regardless of his situation.

Saturday, 17 September 2016 08:14

Pay by card and let us surprise you!

Credit cards are our daily bread - there is virtually no one who doesn’t use this method of payment for shopping or for services. And what if you got something in return for using such a card? Mastercard has launched a new campaign - pay by card, and maybe your dreams will come true. Sounds unbelievable?

Tuesday, 21 April 2015 07:18

The most important person in your life

During our lifetime we ​​meet many people. Friends, life partners, bosses. However, there is one person who has always accompanied you - your mother. She taught you everything and showed you the world. Find out with Pandora just how special she is!

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