Credit cards are our daily bread - there is virtually no one who doesn’t use this method of payment for shopping or for services. And what if you got something in return for using such a card? Mastercard has launched a new campaign - pay by card, and maybe your dreams will come true. Sounds unbelievable?

                   Just two minutes!  Not much, right? By that time, you can boil the water in the electric kettle, heat the dinner in the microwave, and... save someone's life. How? Just go to and register as an organ donor.  The problem of too few donors in Canada is quite serious.  Particularly in Ontario, where many people do not sign the necessary consent for organ donation after death and the decision falls to their loved ones.  

On the 100th anniversary of the Arnold Szyfman Polish Theater (Teatr Polski) in Warsaw, Dr Irena Eris, the only Polish brand admitted to the prestigious Comité Colbert, became the theater’s Platinum Patron. Another brand belonging to this French association is Comédie-Française, where Andrzej Seweryn, the current director of the Polish Theatre in Warsaw, has acted and staged since 1993.

We found this interesting video about the Waterfall Niegara. It's amazing how the weather affects the wildlife. Admire it together.