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Crossing Borders as an HGV Driver

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Many countries, including the UK, open doors for thousands of unskilled and skilled workers since they have a shortage of these workforces. For example, in the UK, the Road Haulage Association is estimated to have a shortage of over 100,000 truck drivers. So to find a lasting solution to this issue, the government offers opportunities to people from all corners of the universe.


It requires these people to train as heavy goods vehicle (HGV) drivers to help manage the shortage. Keep in mind that if you’re a UK resident, you also have the chance to find your perfect HGV training course and train since you can also help reduce the shortage. This move by the government is making the industry more attractive.

Do you have a heavy goods vehicle licence? There is no need to worry whether your answer is yes or no. This article will provide you with much-needed advice and tips from when you find your perfect HGV training course and licence to crossing borders. Keep reading to discover more.

HGV Drivers’ Requirements

HGV drivers must be 18 years and above. On top of that, they need to have a valid United Kingdom car licence. But if coming from abroad, they need to get their licences transferred to the UK and be ready to work adhering to the strict requirements, rules and regulations. If you haven’t trained as an HGV driver, there is no need to worry since you can easily find your perfect HGV training course and obtain a valid licence.

The best time to relocate is when the country is looking for more unskilled and skilled employees in different sectors. While the actual heavy goods vehicle training (practical) takes only five days, the whole process will take approximately between eight and ten weeks before you can earn your valid licence.

Other requirements include HGV training to make sure you're certified, and you also need a theory and a medical test. You must pass a medical test as part of the training to make sure you’re fit to drive safely. Before completing your HGV driving training, you also need to pass a theory examination in the form of multiple-choice queries that need to be answered via a screen in a licenced test centre.

Crossing Borders as an HGV Driver: Documents You Need to Carry

You need to carry certain documents if you drive a heavy goods vehicle between countries. These documents include a valid United Kingdom driving licence, a valid passport, healthcare documents, a valid international driving permit (IDP) and a valid driver of professional competence (CPC) and card.

Crossing Borders as an HGV Driver: Proven Tips

If you drive a heavy goods vehicle of more than 3.5 tonnes on cross-border journeys, you need to follow the drivers’ hours and tachograph rules. Ensure you have tachograph charts as well as any lawfully required manual records for the previous 28 calendar days and the current day.

Another proven tip is that you need to be a safe driver. Your heavy goods vehicle can have overwhelming consequences if it’s involved in a road accident. As a result, driving it within the law and according to the weather and road conditions as well as with other drivers in mind, is important. Ensure you respect other road users and be a considerate driver.

Keep in mind that it isn’t just about your reputation but also that of the firm you’re working for. As a driver, you should also have some mechanical knowledge to help you check your vehicle’s safety.

And lastly, if you’re looking to train, be sure to find the best HGV training course and institution. With the best HGV course and institution, you are sure to become a top-notch driver.

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