Ikea is a brand that needs no introduction. This chain of Swedish stores has conquered the world with its furniture, which is valued for its simplicity, multi-functionality, and aesthetics. These are solutions that easily allow you to arrange both large and small spaces.

In today's busy world, most of us do not have time to meticulously plan meals, create shopping lists and shop around for hours in search of the products that we need. As a result, it often happens that we are relaxing at home after work and suddenly we get a craving for homemade cake.

It is well known that yogurt and other milk drinks are not only a source of easily absorbable protein, but also a way to maintain health and energy. Products made from good cow's milk from Canadian cows prevent the occurrence of colorectal cancer, osteoporosis and high blood pressure. If you would like to switch to a healthy and tasty diet, which would include wholesome dairy products, then install a simple application on your phone that will remind you each day about your next milk meal.

Having once visited Malaysia, I knew Malaysian food was delicious, and, owing to the multicultural nature of the population, multi-faceted. But, until yesterday, I didn’t realize how exciting and entertaining Malaysian food preparation could be. Yesterday I was fortunate to be one of the travel writers and other travel industry professionals invited by Tourism Malaysia to enjoy a dinner presentation in Vancouver that showcased Malaysian cuisine.

Vij’s Indian restaurant in Vancouver made news around the world recently when they added crickets to their menu. Well, they weren’t really serving bowls full of crickets, or curried cricket. What Vik’s co-owner and chef, Meeru Dhalwala, did was added cricket paratha to the menu. It was a traditional Indian flatbread made with the addition of one very un-traditional ingredient — ground up crickets, which replaced 70% of the chapati flour in the recipe.

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