In the intricate and highly competitive realm of Canadian aviation, budget airlines struggle to secure a foothold. The landscape, long dominated by major players such as Air Canada and WestJet, presents a tough environment for newcomers. Stephen Jones, the outgoing CEO of Flair Airlines, shared insights into the unique challenges faced by low - cost carriers in Canada during a candid interview with CBC’s Ian Hanomansing.

Thursday, 18 April 2024 11:47

Why should you try windsurfing?

Sports that combine with being in the water are extremely popular. Swimming, sailing, scuba diving allow you not only to keep fit, but also to connect with nature in some way. One very interesting sport that everyone should try at least once in their lives is windsurfing.

After years of anticipation and continuous construction, the famous Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, not only a city symbol but also one of the most recognized churches worldwide, is finally nearing completion.

Nestled in an exclusive enclave, perfectly positioned at the very heart of the radiant and bustling island, AK Mykonos suites proudly stand as a beacon of unparalleled opulence, tranquility, and unmatched comfort. Catering to the discerning traveler yearning for the quintessential Mykonos experience, this distinguished establishment presents an irresistible fusion of sleek elegance, state-of-the-art amenities, and top-tier facilities that redefine the very notion of indulgence.

Our journey began on a sunny Tuesday morning, as we waved goodbye to our homely little town in Canada. We were a family of four, my husband and I, our two teenage children, both brimming with excitement for the adventures that lay ahead. Equipped with a month's worth of snacks, a well-planned itinerary, and the complete discography of our kids' favorite band blaring through the car's stereo, we felt ready for the road that lay ahead.

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