Tuesday, 21 April 2015 07:18

The most important person in your life

During our lifetime we ​​meet many people. Friends, life partners, bosses. However, there is one person who has always accompanied you - your mother. She taught you everything and showed you the world. Find out with Pandora just how special she is!

Is it possible to recognize your own mother by her smell, touch or even her voice? That’s what PANDORA decided to check by organizing an incredibly moving experiment. A group of small children were blindfolded and asked to find their mothers from amongst a crowd of women. The goal was simple - to prove that our mother is so special that we will always recognize her.
Therefore, no matter how old we are - we should always find time for our mother and support her when she needs help. Regardless of where we are, we should always remember the one who gave birth to us. Because she made us exactly who were are in adulthood.
It’s worth looking for a suitable gift for your mom - whether it is to celebrate her birthday, name day or Mother's Day. Click on the video, check out PANDORA’s current offer and buy your mom something special!




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