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Clever storage of food

Clever storage of food Clever storage of food

Ikea is a brand that needs no introduction. This chain of Swedish stores has conquered the world with its furniture, which is valued for its simplicity, multi-functionality, and aesthetics. These are solutions that easily allow you to arrange both large and small spaces.

The kitchen systems are especially popular, which enable to move around freely even in a small kitchen and store a lot of food products and accessories needed during food preparation. The latest advertising campaign by Ikea focuses on this topic - the preparation and celebration of meals. It aims to show that meals should be celebrated, enjoyed, but not necessarily in a way that’s trendy today - by uploading photos of dishes on social media. This can often stress family members because nothing can be moved from the table until the photograph is ready. And meals are primarily supposed to be a time of relaxation.

If you want to see how social media has inspired the creators of the ad to create an interesting commercial, watch the video below.

You can also check what kind of solutions for the smart storage of food products are offered by Ikea. Among them, you will find containers, jars, bowls and many others. The offer also includes products that allow you to beautifully expose food during a family meal. The solutions proposed by Ikea will help create your unique, smart food storage system.




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