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What are the advantages of good mushroom farm equipment?

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Mushroom growing farm owners looking to purchase new equipment can find themselves in quite a dilemma. There are many options to choose from, but not all of them will bring equally satisfactory results.

Why is good equipment for mushroom farm worth buying? What features of the most important pieces of equipment should be considered when making a purchase? Read on to find out the answers to these questions (and many more).

Mushroom picking trolley

One of the most important features of modern mushroom growing trolleys is the automated up and down (as well as left and right) movement of the platform. It makes picking faster and more efficient, not to mention less tiring for workers (as older types of mushroom picking trolleys required a crank to be manually turned in order for the platform to move), who are in turn better motivated and happier.

More efficient picking equals higher profits, but that’s not all of the advantages that good trolleys have to offer. Other things worth mentioning are safety features, both electrical (automatic stoppage when an obstacle is detected in the trolley’s path) and non-electrical (doors that open inwards, preventing pickers from working without closing them, non-slip working platform and so on).

High-quality trolleys are also distinguished by their optimal battery capacity, which ensures that the pickers won’t have to stop picking mid-shift in order for the trolley to recharge. Charging is fully automated and doesn’t require supervision.

Lamps for mushroom farms

Proper lighting is crucial to the success of a mushroom growing farm - it’s not a good idea to put just any lamps there. Mushroom growing farms are characterized by harsh conditions, especially high humidity and temperature.

As a result, regular lamps could easily start malfunctioning, generating additional costs. That’s why lamps that meet the IP68 leakproofness condition (they can be LED or fluorescent lamps, for example) and are resistant to steaming, corrosion, chemicals and other dangers present in mushroom growing farms are the best choice.

Growing nets

Growing nets are an essential piece of mushroom farm equipment. Their function is simple, but very important - they are used for placing substrate on the shelves of the shelving and then pulling it out after use.

Low quality nets might start narrowing fairly quickly, leading to the substrate possibly falling off of them. There’s also the possibility that holes will start to appear. Either way, such a net will have to be replaced shortly. In contract, nets made of better, more durable materials will last much longer, which means lower costs in the long run.

High-quality, modern mushroom farm equipment means more efficient picking, safe workplace, lack of the need for frequent replacement of appliances and much more. Therefore, it's a worthwhile investment for every mushroom growing farm. Such equipment can be purchased from reliable suppliers, such as GROWTIME.

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