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World kitchen: Chaa Creek Creole chicken

Chaa Creek Chaa Creek

The Lodge at Chaa Creek in Belize was not only the first eco lodge in the country, it is one of the finest resorts in the Caribbean. As part of their commitment to sustainability, they have their own organic farm from which comes many of the fruits and vegetables they serve at their excellent restaurant.

There was a creamy potato and egg salad, cilantro rice adorned with plantain strips, but the highlight was the tender chicken breast with a traditional Creole style sauce. Chaa Creek usually has an item on their menu that reflects one of the different ethnic groups of Belize. At other meals I had re-fried beans, cornmeal pancakes with honey, and fresh local seafood. If this sounds simple and basic, you would be mistaken. The chefs at the Chaa Creek restaurant put a gourmet spin on pretty much every dish that comes out of their kitchen.

During my stay I also enjoyed dinners of baked leg of lamb served with tamarind sauce and a conch filet prepared in a butter and lime sauce. Starter soups included a tomato cappuccino with sour cream and paprika and a creamy mushroom soup made with fresh mushrooms and vegetables. Sometimes is was difficult saving room for dessert.

The bartender seems to be concocting a special new drink every night. I very much enjoyed his Creole Gial, an exquisitely refreshing cooler made from gold rum, cane rum, orange juice and watermelon juice.

The Chaa Creek lodge is located near San Ignacio. Started in 1977 by Mick and Lucy Fleming, it has emerged from its humble beginnings as dramatically as the Blue Morpho butterflies that are now farmed on the property.

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