Sunday, 15 June 2014 20:00

Feel that you are alive! Amazing Quebec

A good vacation is one after which memories remain for years, and you return to work completely relaxed and chilled out. For some, this means two weeks of an in-depth tour of a city, and for others - fun and events, during which you can completely forget about dull reality. But is there a place which you can and explore and also have a little fun?

Quebec City - a city in Canada, where you will find numerous unique sights and ... lots of opportunities for good fun. An ideal place for those who want to combine sightseeing with taking it easy. During the day you can explore the fortifications of the city along the street of Saint-Jaina, drop into the Museum of Civilization or view the Canadian version of Notre-Damme Cathedral, and at night go to the Grande Allee, where hot rhythms will lead you into a whirling dance. Fine restaurants, familiar bars and numerous terraces where you can talk, laugh and eat at will are exactly the things you are looking for. Do you not know where to start your night time adventure around the Grande Allee? We suggest you go to the unique Le Cosmos restaurant, to get into the groovy atmosphere. If this is not for you, look to the Observatoire de la Capitele, from which you will have a full view of the city skyline. The Grande Allée is known for its hopping nightlife. DJs, beautiful dancefloors, romantic terraces, all for you to experience an unforgettable evening. We recommend ending the tour of the clubs with the Bistro L'Atelier or the famous Maurice Salon-Bar.

Is this still not what you're looking for? If so, then instead of the Grande Allee, go to Saint-Joseph street, which is home to exclusive boutiques, cozy bars such as La Korrigane and places where outdoor events are held, and where you can listen to live music.
Of course, do not forget about Saint-Paul Street. Here, you will find absolutely wonderful museums, antique shops and wonderful restaurants. In the Old Port you will find extremely beautiful and climatic art galleries, as well as the cruise terminal. During your trip you cannot miss out on the Place-Royale and Petit Champlain Street, which is an adventure tour for people who love history.
Do you long to get closer to nature? In that case, we suggest you go to the Jacques Cartier National Park, where you will be able to breathe some fresh air. There are bikes and water sports equipment for rent, numerous hiking and mountain biking paths and above all - peace and quiet. These are the things that make this place special.



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