Tuesday, 20 October 2015 05:18

The child as a full-fledged member of the household

Can you go back a few dozen years and remember how it was to be a child in a house ruled by adults? You were probably full of good intentions, but had to be extremely careful, because there were "minefields" waiting for you everywhere.

You wanted to take care of your younger sister? No! You’re sure to knock over her stroller, hit her, annoy her, wake her up. For some reason you wanted to wash the dishes? Don’t do it in cold water! Oh no, you didn’t clean the glass properly!

Unfortunately, even though you may remember those events well (although they took place a long time ago), there is a good chance that you treat your kids exactly the same way.

How can this be avoided? All you have to do is stop panicking. Make sure that the house is free of any risks for children such as sharp objects and corners of furniture, slippery surfaces. Prepare a place in which they will begin their adventure with cleaning and cooking in a way to limit the number of potential problems. Assign them easy tasks to do, and after they complete them, be sure to give praise.

The new campaign by IKEA shows how important it is to include kids in life of the household and not discourage them after the slightest failure. It gives a child the chance to convey its perspective on the kitchen as sad world of restrictions and bans.



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