Thursday, 18 September 2014 20:00

What will you be like in 10 years’ time? IKEA will tell you!

IKEA - the Swedish chain of furniture stores where you can find just about anything. Starting from the candlestick, and ending with great big multi-door wardrobes and shelves. Every year, this shop gets thousands of customers who are delighted with the low prices and durability of its furniture. However, IKEA does not only have a surprising assortment of products. 


Strolling quietly between the shelves and making purchases, you can come across a unique experiment. Justin Tranz, known mainly for his television programs and addiction therapy under hypnosis, has decided to show some selected clients of the chain store what awaits them in the future. In the previous edition of this experiment, we could see a couple who, when put into a deep sleep, spoke of the details of what they see in their future. Today, IKEA and Tranz went one step further - in the bedroom department at one of the exhibits, a young couple - Jeff and Beth, are introduced into a trance. During the hypnosis, with the power of suggestion, they begin to act as they would in a few or a dozen years’ time.

Best of all – this time, not only do we hear about what our daring couple see in their imagination. We also get to see a scene of their future life, which they start to enact under the influence of hypnosis.

…You are now curious about what else IKEA has to present … click on the video and follow the channel!



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