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How to clean your house after an infection?

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If you or any of your family members have recently been sick, your house needs a good cleaning. You not only have to clean the furniture and wash the floor, but also disinfect all the surfaces. What are the best cleaners you can use to get rid of harmful bacteria, viruses, and germs? Can you apply any special techniques in order to speed up the cleaning process?


Why is cleaning so important?

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has been taking its toll across the globe, there is one positive aspect, namely, the increase of awareness in health and hygiene issues. Internationally, there is more and more talk about the meaning of proper cleaning for the prevention of illnesses. Today it is widely known that washing your hands frequently and airing out your house is essential if you want to enjoy good health, especially during the period of increased morbidity. However, little is mentioned on how to clean the house after being sick to avoid reinfection and spreading of the illness.

Be prepared to deep clean your house

Right after you recover from an illness, you will need to find the time to properly clean and disinfect the entire house. It is you responsibility through which you can kill all the remaining viruses and bacteria to create a disease-free environment in your home. To do so effectively, carefully select cleaners, avoiding mild chemicals that do not ensure germicidal and viricidal properties. Use natural cleaning products that feature powerful cleaning properties combined with increased safety for you and your kids. Such cleaners remove dirt and are hypoallergenic, so they do not harm your skin.

What types of cleaners do I need?

If you want to enjoy faster and smoother cleaning, a wide range of cleaning products is required. Of course, you can use all-purpose cleaners but remember that some specific types of surfaces need special protection. These include floors that are usually exposed to much more dirt than furniture. Therefore, they should be cleaned with natural floor cleaners compatible with even the most demanding types of surfaces such as: hardwood, stone or laminate. Such cleaning products are safe for both animals and children who usually play and put toys on the floor.

Proper cleaning techniques

When you are sick, you spread germs all over the house. While sneezing or coughing, viruses and bacteria can travel up to several meters. This means that they can be found in all corners of your house, such as on kitchen and bathroom tiles, mirrors, wall pictures, etc. To get rid of them and make all types of cleaned surfaces look spotless, you need to use different detergents and cloths. The best way to protect delicate surfaces and remove all types of dirt, including germs, is to use different specialized cleaning kits, e.g. for the kitchen and bathroom. Remember that careless and sloppy cleaning, even despite having the best cleaning products at your disposal, is pointless!

How to speed up cleaning?

Cleaning a small apartment may take even up to a few hours. The process is even far more demanding in the case of bigger houses consisting of several rooms, bathrooms, kitchen, etc. Fortunately, you don’t have to do all the cleaning chores yourself. There are professional cleaning companies, such as AspenClean, that can relieve you of your tidying duties. They offer a one-time complete cleaning service that will provide you with a sanitized and sterilized living space. The home cleaning service will meet all your needs. Its scope is unlimited and will cover any special requests, such as doing your laundry.

What can I expect from a professional home cleaning service?

If you made a decision to hire a cleaning company, you can be sure that your house or apartment will be tidied and sanitized thoroughly. Complete home cleaning covers: the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms and other living areas. It includes such household chores as: cleaning furniture, washing fixtures, dusting all surfaces, emptying garbage and vacuuming the floors. The cleaning service focuses on frequently used appliances and objects as well as smaller and rarely wiped items such as light switches, windowsills, mirrors.

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