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Testolone RAD-140 Testolone RAD-140

A SARM many people have heard of or even used is Testolone RAD-140. It is also known by the name Testolone. It has been around for quite some time, first used in the medical realm to help with slowing down the progression of wasting disease. As a result, patients are able to live a longer life and to have a better overall quality of life.

In the past, RAD-140 has been used to treat breast cancer in women. Today, there are better options so it is no longer prescribed for such treatment. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a huge black market for it though. Many athletes and bodybuilders are fond of what it delivers. They prefer a SARM over an anabolic steroid due to the cost difference and the reduced side effects.

SARMs work in a similar manner to anabolic steroids, but they aren’t harsh on the body. As a result, the user can gain results and not have to worry about trying to get their hormone levels back to what they should be after a cycle. For those who want to have more energy, get stronger, and see muscle growth, this can be the substance they reach for to get it done!

Energy Boost you can feel in no Time!

When an athlete or bodybuilder makes a serious commitment, a great deal of their time is taken up with getting in shape. They spend time in the gym, they engage in cardio workouts, and they focus on the elements that allow them to do what the sport requires. They may need to get faster and more agile. This use of RAD-140 can help a person to have the additional energy they need in no time at all.

Yet this additional energy from the SARMs isn’t overwhelming and it doesn’t make it hard to sleep at night. It isn’t going to make you nervous or jittering and it won’t cause you to have any adverse changes to your behaviors. What it does it allows you to consistently push through workouts and training and to have the ultimate performance day after day.

The body naturally relies on testosterone to help create energy. Typically, the younger a person is, the more testosterone they create. When RAD-140 is used, it allows the body to think there is more testosterone in the system. The body isn’t able to recognize what is natural and what is synthetic. However, it is able to benefit from both, boosting the energy levels without any harm.

Who can Use it?

Even though RAD-140 is quite powerful, this shouldn’t keep those new to taking SARMs from giving it a try. Some are nervous because they don’t want something that is too powerful for them. As they do their research though, they can relax and give it a try at a low dose. Due to the value of it, there are many seasoned athletes that use it again and again.

When you decide to use RAD-140, take your time to carefully select the product and who you will get it from. There are vast differences out there among them. The wrong product can put harmful ingredients into your body without your knowledge. A poorly made product is going to offer very little, if any, real benefits to you.

Without a prescription, you are only going to be able to purchase this product on the black market. Look for a good connection through someone you know or through positive reviews online. There tends to be a good supply of it, even with a high demand, and that helps to keep the cost low. However, the price is influenced by quality so look at the overall value of it before you purchase.

Get the Muscle you Want

A body that is lean, strong, and powerful is highly desired. Yet it isn’t going to happen just because you take RAD-140. You have to be dedicated to the workouts and you have to eat the right foods. You need to be physically and mentally giving it 100% every day and you will see results. However, when you add this SARM to the mix, you will see results in less time.

You will also create more muscle mass than you would have without it! This is because the SARM opens up the fibers to the muscles. That allows them to have room to grow and expand. It also allows a person to heal faster, and the muscle growth actually takes place when you rest and heal, not when you work out. Expect anywhere from 10 to 20 pounds of lean muscle mass in just a couple of months!


Due to the powerful natural of RAD-140, you don’t need much of it to get results. Don’t take it for longer than 2 months. Doing so isn’t going to give you any additional value, but it can increase the risk of side effects. Start out with a low dose of about 8 mg per day but don’t take more than 10 mg daily.

Since RAD-140 has a short half-life, it is best to divide your dose in two and take it 12 hours a part. Keep a good schedule with it so you can keep the levels balanced. When they go up and down, it can have some effects that don’t work in your favor. You never want to run low on energy.

Since RAD-140 works very quickly, it should be used at the start of a bulking cycle. However, you may decide to use other substances with it. Do your homework so you can determine which products are right for you to add based on your goals. Make sure you have an organized schedule for cycle times and for daily dose amounts of each product.

To reduce the risk of nausea, don’t take it on an empty stomach. Take it with food or right after you finish a meal. It will make you thirsty so make sure you increase your daily water intake. This will help to reduce the risk of becoming dehydrated, especially during workout sessions.

Possible Side Effects

While most SARMs don’t elevate the enzymes of the liver, RAD-140 is one that can. It is important not to use it if you have issues with your liver or kidneys. It is a good idea to test your liver before you start using this product and the again after 4 weeks. If your enzymes are high at the 4 week mark, you should reduce the dose or stop using this product.

When RAD-140 is abused and used in large amounts or for an extensive period of time aggressive behaviors can develop. Always be responsible with it and any other SARMs or anabolic steroids you add to a stack. The goal is to gain results but also to limit any possible negative outcomes.

A user of RAD-140 may experience some basic side effects, but they tend to go away after a couple of weeks. The body needs some time to get used to the product being in the system. The length of time they last and the severity will also be influenced by any other products you may stack it with.

Such side effects may include:

  • Acne

  • Anxiety

  • Dry mouth

  • Hair loss

  • Headaches

  • Nausea



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