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Types and Uses of Protein Supplements

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Protein supplements are a great solution for many athletes who are concerned about maintaining adequate levels of protein in their bodies.

There is no other better way to quickly provide a large amount of this macronutrient in your diet. The main advantage of using protein supplements is a clear aminogram, which tells you exactly how much amino acids are in a given package. It is worth paying attention to the essential amino acids such as isoleucine, leucine and valine, because they are the most important for muscle growth.

Types of 'proteins' and their functions

On the market you can find many types of protein nutrients. There are, for example:

  • WPC or whey protein concentrate. The amount of protein is 70-80% of the product. Protein comes from milk and contains lactose and fat - that's why many people say it's the tastiest. However, those who have lactose intolerance are definitely not fans of it due to gastric problems.
  • WPI or whey protein isolate. It has a higher protein content than its predecessor - up to 90%. It is very quickly absorbed and has a negligible amount of carbohydrates and fat. It represents a very good balance between quality and price, which is why it is one of the most popular choices.
  • WPH or whey protein hydrolysate; it contains even more pure protein, as much as 95%! It has no rival when it comes to this parameter. It contains a negligible amount of carbohydrates and fats and, as the name suggests, it is obtained through peptide hydrolysis.

As for its function, the most important function of nutrients is to provide a substrate for the reconstruction of muscle fibres damaged after training. This will help them grow bigger and stronger!


Every athlete should strictly follow their diet. The amount of protein is the most important parameter in his menu. Many people say they are bored with eating meat all the time - protein supplements may be the solution to their problems. It is a very convenient, tasty and simple meal that can be prepared in less than a minute! Just pour the powder into a shaker and pour in water/milk and you're done! See

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