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Why is mushroom extract beneficial for you?

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Do you associate mushrooms solely with a delicious side dish? Mushrooms also provide a number of health benefits. The extract of specific types of mushroom can have a very positive effect on the human body.

This is especially important today, since the volume of responsibilities, stress and the deteriorating quality of the environment lead to devastating effects.

So which extracts are the best and why should you choose them? You’ll find the answer below!

Cordyceps - the Asian elixir of youth and health

Cordyceps is sometimes also called Chinese mace. It is a fungus that naturally occurs in Tibet, at an altitude of more than 3,000 meters above sea level! Interestingly, it is a parasitic fungus that lives on various species of caterpillars. The properties of Chinese mace have been known in Chinese medicine for thousands of years.

Cordyceps mushrooms are a true elixir of youth and health. Why? Because of their ability to fight free radicals, they are able to effectively combat all infections and inflammation. Moreover, Cordyceps has been used for centuries to reduce the symptoms of respiratory disorders, to treat colds and liver damage. In medicine, it is considered a real superfood, as this mushroom is able to counteract the effects of aging and stress. That's why its popularity has been growing rapidly recently.

Which Cordyceps preparations are the best?

If you are looking for good and reliable supplements, then Osavi is by far the best choice. This brand has a range of extracts (vegan cups) that contain condensed Chinese Cordyceps. The formula of these capsules is completely vegan, so both vegetarians and vegans can take them. This dietary supplement is a perfect combination of traditional Chinese folk medicine, as well as modern science. As a result, it provides a range of beneficial properties of this remarkable mushroom from Tibet. This supplement stands out not only for its excellent quality, but also its attractive price. This makes it a combination that is equally good for your health and your wallet. For more information about this remarkable dietary supplement visit

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