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How can I confirm Polish citizenship?

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Are you of Polish origin? Do you have any evidence on your background or did you find out your family members once held Polish citizenship?

These questions are crucial when it comes to the process of citizenship confirmation. Before you decide to take any step, you should prove your eligibility and check if citizenship was not lost on the way. In today’s article, we will focus on this aspect and point out the main requirements you must fulfill to become a Polish citizen.

Who is eligible for Polish citizenship confirmation?

The process of citizenship confirmation is strictly regulated by the Act on Polish citizenship which says it applies to an individual who has Polish roots and meets the requirements to confirm Polish citizenship by descent.. It is worth mentioning that it is not obligatory to take part in the whole process but it may be useful in the future. As you may probably know, to call yourself a fully-fledged citizen is very beneficial. The list of the main advantages of being a Polish citizen is way longer than you could ever think about.

In such cases, an individual must prove his background and based on that lodge a motion in the Voivodeship Office. The Voivode has the competence to issue a positive decision on Polish citizenship confirmation. Before that happens, you need to find any evidence of your Polish roots which seems to be complicated. We completely understand it! How does the Polish citizenship confirmation process look, and where to look for help?

How to confirm Polish citizenship?

The Polish citizenship confirmation process is based on the documentation enclosed with the official motion. What kind of documents are required? It can be an old Polish passport and birth or marriage certificate, documents confirming residency in Poland or records confirming service in the Polish Army. Anything you have may be helpful in such a case. The main point is you have to prove your eligibility for Polish citizenship. Do not worry, if you could not find any documents. The Polish Citizenship Experts are here to help you with your case. Click here to find more!

The qualified Expert will ask you some questions associated with your genealogical roots and, based on the answers given, assess the case individually. It is crucial to ask for help! As a family member of a Polish citizen, you have to fulfill several basic conditions and as a result, also become a fully-fledged citizen of Poland.

How to apply for Polish citizenship by descent?

Once the research on Polish citizenship successfully comes to an end, there is nothing left to do but lodge a motion in the appropriate institution which is the Voivodeship Office in Poland. The Expert will send you a list of documentation required to be attached to the application. The question is – How long does it take to confirm citizenship through ancestry? We cannot give you a straight answer on that. The process may take less or longer depending on whether it was crucial to conduct research. In general, it takes from six to nine months.

After that, you have to apply for a Polish passport at the nearest Polish Consulate General in person and enjoy all the benefits coming along with it.

What are the benefits of Polish citizenship?

Once you have your citizenship confirmed, you also become a citizen of the European Union. That means you gain the right to work, live or study whenever you would like to without any visa restrictions. Wanna move to France or Italy? Go ahead! Wanna study in Ireland or travel around Europe? Feel free to do it! Being able to call yourself a European citizen brings a lot of benefits.

Do you know you can also pass it to future generations? The same applies to your children! They can take part in the confirmation process along with you. . Based on that, they gain the same rights as you. The only thing you cannot do is pass citizenship to the spouse but after years of living and working in Poland, he or she may also apply for citizenship by naturalization. However your spouse as a wife or husband of a Polish citizen gets equal working and residential rights to yours within Europe. 

Poland is a fantastic place to live, for sure. Once you become a part of it, you will see how great it is to hold dual citizenship and, at the same time, have two passports – a Polish one and a passport of the country of your birth.

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