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Dating secrets: Why guys like girls?

Dating secrets Dating secrets

It may be very difficult to understand why a guy likes a particular girl. All people have different thinking but here are some of the tips that may be followed by girls if they want that guys should like her. A girl should be able to blow the mind of the guy she wants to date. Girls should use the charm and in depth knowledge to anticipate his needs.

You should listen to the remarks he makes about his ex-girl friend so as to know what he didn’t liked in her ex- girl friend. Avoid reacting with jealousy when he talks about his romanticpast.


Enjoy his hobbies with him, so that he feels that you are truly interested in him. Try to find out his likes by talking to him. Allow him to teach you new things, this make him enjoy the time with you. Boost his confidence by giving him complements. Try to ask him for help and advice in any case, this will make him feel special. Try to look confident. Men usually like confident women. Let your man know that while you enjoy his hobbies, you have your on areas of interests as well.

All these tips can help you a lot if you want that a guy should like you.

Dating secrets

Dating secrets