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Ottawa's final e - scooter year - new rules for 2024

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E - scooters are once again hitting the streets of Ottawa, marking the fifth and conclusive year of a pilot project initiated by the province in 2020. This year, the city has re - appointed Bird Canada Inc. and Neuron Mobility as the official providers, introducing new regulations to enhance the safety and efficiency of these popular vehicles.

Extending service hours

One of the major changes this year is the extension of operational hours. Users can now enjoy rides from 5 a.m. to 1 a.m., which is an adjustment from last year's cutoff at 11 p.m. However, the ByWard Market area, known for its high bar density, will restrict new rentals post - 11 p.m., although riders can still pass through the area. Isaac Ransom of Neuron Mobility expressed his approval of the extended hours and advocated for 24/7 availability, stating, "We operate across all of our markets in Canada 24/7 without incident, so I don't see any reason why we can't operate in Ottawa that way."

Restrictions on certain pathways

Despite the expanded hours, certain restrictions have tightened. E - scooters are banned on the Rideau Canal Pathway and the Ottawa River Pathway, controlled by the National Capital Commission (NCC), which prohibits motorized vehicles. Austin Spademan from Bird Canada shared concerns from Carleton University students about the dangers of nearby Bronson Avenue and the prohibition of scooter use on adjacent NCC trails.

New sobriety measures introduced

In a new safety measure, both companies will require riders to complete a sobriety test on their apps after 11 p.m. before they can unlock an e - scooter. These tests are designed to prevent intoxicated riding and vary from identifying straight lines to responding to time-sensitive prompts.

Monitoring and penalties for improper use

Bird Canada has also implemented monitoring systems to detect erratic riding, which can lead to warnings, suspensions, or even permanent bans for repeated offenders. Moreover, the City of Ottawa enforces a $150 fine for riding on sidewalks, emphasizing the importance of responsible scooter use.

Season duration and future of the project

This year's e - scooter season in Ottawa started three weeks earlier than in 2023 and will extend until November 15, weather permitting. Last year, the city recorded approximately 1,000 e - scooter trips daily, with Centretown being the most frequented area. As the pilot project concludes this year, the province will decide whether to permanently incorporate e-scooters into the city's transit options, extend the pilot, or discontinue the service.

As Ottawa's e - scooter pilot project enters its final year, the adjustments in rules reflect an ongoing commitment to adapt and improve the integration of these vehicles into the city's transportation landscape. The outcome of this year's operations will be crucial in determining the future of e - scooters in Ottawa, with considerations of safety, public convenience, and urban mobility at the forefront of this decision - making process.

Source: CBC