Wednesday, 22 April 2020 10:13

Starting Career as a Tattoo artist

Tattoo artist Tattoo artist

You’ve got a couple of tattoos for yourself already. You’ve seen your friends getting those like a billion times. You now feel ready to master the art of tattooing and become number one in the field.


The first thing that may come to your mind is to buy a tattoo kit online, watch a couple of tutorials on Youtube or take a course on Skillshare and just start tattooing.

 Well, it’s not how it works if you want to become a professional tattoo artist. It’s not an online job. Tattooing is about practice and life experience.

 When learning from a Youtube video you can’t make sure your tutor is a competent tattoo artist. These days anyone can record a video and post it online. Learning from a self-taught friend who’s been tattooing for years in his kitchen isn’t the best idea either. The work place needs to be sterilized and impeccably clean. Otherwise your clients risk to get some blood or skin disease.

 The career of a tattoo artist starts with an apprenticeship in a good tattoo shop. Tattoo shops have standards of work. Tattoo artists in the shops must respect sanitary requirements to ensure safety and hygiene of the clients. The shop always tries to hire the best artists so you can be sure of their skills and competence.

 Being an apprentice means to do all kinds of wodrk in a tattoo shop and work for free. Don’t expect to get your first client there on the first day and make a fortune within a month.   

 Here’s what you get in return:

  • You learn for free alongside some best artists.
  • You get to know how this business works from the inside.
  • You acquire a crucial skill of communicating with clients.
  • You can get a job and your first clients right there if you do well.

 Right now your first step should be drawing. Practice drawing a lot as this is the main skill for a tattoo artist. Try drawing in different styles or just polish the one you’re most keen on. Build up a decent portfolio and go looking for an apprenticeship.

 In Bini Tattoo apprentices are always welcome! If you are talented in drawing and you feel like breaking someone's skin you are welcome to Bini Tattoo. We have paid tattoo courses or apprenticeship of your choice.