Saturday, 17 September 2016 11:08

The third generation of smartphone from LG

A robust battery. A new design. A much larger display. These are just a few basic advantages of the new LG G3. This new Smartphone is another response to the growing expectations of LG customers. But what exactly does the new G3 offer us? The LG G3 is a combination of incredible power, with excellent image quality and a very durable battery.

Monday, 29 June 2015 03:59

Clean any kind of dirt!

Stains of sweat, grass or blood - although in the era of miraculous washing powders they should not pose any challenges, they can still be considered too difficult to clean. Therefore, it’s worth getting a washing machine, which will not be afraid of dirt and the amount of things needed to be washed. What washing machine would that be?

Monday, 08 September 2014 03:10

Office 365 for the whole family!

Imagine that you can set up your children’s schedules while they’re sitting in school, and while you’re wandering around town. In addition to this, you can modify an important text document or even improve your presentation and send it to your boss. Impossible? Well, actually it isn’t!

Wednesday, 20 August 2014 20:00

Tips to choose the right laptop

Portability is a major factor to consider. Is your laptop something that you are going to be taking to school, meeting or on the road with you or is it going to be stationary or just used around the house. This is a big factor when choosing the right laptop. For example I have a laptop with a 17 inch screen and large keyboard as I am do not plan to take mine on the road. It is for home use so I enjoy the large screen and the size doesn’t bother me.

Monday, 18 August 2014 08:45

Mobile battery charging from Koodo

What is the most annoying thing in the world? Your shoe falling apart in the street? No wallet at the checkout? No! A dying phone battery when you do not have the possibility to rapidly recharge it. This is a problem every smartphone user has had to face. Because even though these phones replace many of our everyday devices and greatly simplify life, they do have rather weak batteries. There is, however, a way for them to be recharged!

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