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5 washers' major faults

Care & Repair in Toronto Care & Repair in Toronto

The washer does not draw water • Washer does not heat water • Washer does not spin clothes • The drum does not rotate in the washer • Water leaks from the washer

Only an experienced service technician can determine the breakdown cause. Any part may break or become dirty.

Causes of breakdowns:

Incorrect washer operation can be caused by various factors:
• Clogged filter
• Supply hose bent over
• The filler valve broke
• Water level switch does not work
• Buggy electronic module
• Voltage overvoltage
• Wrong connection of the washer

In case the washer does not squeeze out the laundry or does not rotate the drum at all, the repairman will replace the broken part:

• Electric motor or its brushes
• A heating element
• Drive belt
• Electronic module.
A frequent reason for stopping the washer operation is a foreign object stuck between the tank and the drum.

Error codes

BOSCH washers

BOSCH washers 

Each washing machines brand has its own errors designation in the work. That is why the service employee first asks the manufacturer name. For example, read the BOSCH washers error codes:

E02 - Engine Failure
E67 - Error in module 
F01 - Problems with the hatch
F02 - No Water
F03 - The problem with the discharge of water
F04 - Water Leak
F16 - Luke is not closed
F17 - Exceeded water flooding time
F19 - No water heating
F20 - Unplanned heating
F21 - No drum rotation
F22 - Temperature sensor out of order
F23 - Triggered Aquastop
F25 - Aqua sensor failed (turbidity sensor)
F26 - Pressure sensor out of order
F28 - Water Flow Sensor Malfunction
F31 - Water level too high
F34 - The hatch lock does not close
F37 - NTC Faulty
F40 - Network Error
F42 - Motor speed too high
F43 - CM Tank Lock
F44 - No rotation in the opposite direction.
F67 - Malfunction control board

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