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Easy iOS 7 tips and features

Most people either love it or hate iOS 7 depending on what they use their iPhone for. I personally find that many of the new features just kill the battery life and aren’t very practicable for using the phone on the go. They seem more geared for somebody near a constant power source or for an iPad user rather than a smartphone user. Nevertheless lets have a look at the new operating system from Apple.

1. Automatic Downloads – Apps, Music and Updates will automatically update from now on and sync across devices. You don’t have to enter the App Store to update your apps you can set it up to auto update. Looks for this feature in the iTunes and App Store settings under main settings.

2. Quit Multiple Apps – You know by now that you can double tap the Home button and then slide the app upwards that you want to close. How about sliding more than one. Give it a try using double fingers and you should be able to close a few apps out at once.

3. Block Senders – This one wa a long time coming. You can now block phone call and text senders so that they get a busy signal and you don’t even know that they have called. I tested it with own number and it works fine. You may have to add the number as a contact, block it from contacts and then delete the contact. You may be able to block them from your recent calls screen but I haven’t fully tested it. Who calls people anymore? Right?

4. Accessibility Upgrades – New system hard on the eyeballs? Go into the upgraded Accessibility settings from the main setting page and play around with the increase font size and bolding options.

5. iTunes Radio – Looks for this new feature within your music app. You can add stations and mark songs so you can hear more like the ones you like and less of the artists and songs you hate. A Miley Cyrus free internet radio experience, nice. For those of us in Canada look for it to come soon. There are news articles out this week saying it’s on it’s way to the Great White North soon. Looking forward to even more places to hear The Guess Who and Ann Murray. Not really.

6. Bigger Folders – No limit what you can shove into a folder from here on in and then includes that awful News Stand app that I know of nobody that has every used before.

7. Apps Near Me – When in the App Store notice a little “Near Me” button at the bottom. It will help you find neat apps that are for your area or others are using near your location. Not overly exciting but a neat way to find local hot spots, restaurants or activities.

8. New Ringtones – There are a dozen new ringtones and text tone for you to use. The old ones are still at the bottom of the list under the word “classic”. Personally I still like the duck quacking to alert me when the wife is texting.

9. Burst Mode Camera – The Volume Up button will allow you take photos in burst mode. Just hold the button down and give it a go.

10. Siri Reads Email – There are a number of add ons for Siri but reading your email is a big one. Hold down the Home button and ask her to read your email.

Have another interesting feature of iOS7 just let us know!!

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