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Modern bulletproof vest – maximum safety

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Although it might seem that the bulletproof vest is a recent invention, the first vest was created over 100 years ago. During this time, vests have changed a lot. Along with the development of firearms, bulletproof vests also had to evolve. What do today's bulletproof vests look like and why are they so effective?

Maximum protection and minimum weight

Bulletproof vests have one primary task – to protect the health and life of those who wear it. Over the years, such vests were usually quite heavy, and offered limited movement and minimal comfort of use. This was mainly due to the heavy plates that protected the person wearing such a vest. Today, soldier, policemen, security guards, and escort patrols require maximum mobility, which allows to perform tasks with precision and comfort. Therefore, bulletproof vests had to adapt to the requirements of today's users. Nowadays, heavy and uncomfortable vests are a thing of the past, and tactical vests are becoming more and more popular today. It is worth noting that the very name of the vest indicates that it offers much more tactical possibilities than its outdated counterpart. Moreover, such vests are fully customizable, which is extremely important for both professionals and amateurs.

What brand of tactical vests is the most popular today?

Among the manufacturers of tactical vests, Ace Link products are the most popular. Their Skeletec vest is a perfect example of why this type of body armor is the most popular today. Skeletec can be freely customized thanks to the modular form of this vest. Skeletec vests consist of two panels made of polyethylene. It is possible to attach various accessories to the panels, such as additional pouches for magazines. If the user wants even greater mobility, Ace Link offers a special type of panels called swimmer cut plates. The panels have a smaller surface area (by around 15%) than the standard ones, but thanks to the slants they do not block movement.

Today, tactical vests are the primary form of protection against firearms, so it is worth using those that allow you to be as mobile as possible.

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