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Five Things to Do in Krakow

Krakow Old Town Krakow Old Town

You probably don’t need any recommendations about things to do when you are on a tour in an offbeat tourist place.

Eat, drink, enjoy the sights that come your way and make merry generally. But what else?

Krakow is not your ordinary offbeat location that is worth a visit only for novelty’s sake. It is a rare blend of historic charms and feel-good pleasures. If you just come without any planning and while your time, it will still be fine. But do a bit of planning about things to do in Krakow – it will be an unforgettable tour that you will cherish for a long time. Here are five must-do things in the city and nearby places, including what to see in Krakow and what to do in Krakow. Here we go then.

1. Krakow Salt Mines 

The Wieliczka Salt Mine, located around 15 km from Krakow City Center, is a rare and breathtakingly stunning place. Established in the 13th century (back in the medieval times, salt was more expensive than gold!), it had mined table salt up until 2007. Since the mining discontinued, it has been turned into a memorable monument with the help of technology.

It is an underground structure, which consists of exquisite wall carvings, elaborate walkways, beautiful sculptures and even a lake. It will take a minimum of two hours to complete the tour. 

The ticket charge is about 27 Euro, which includes the fee of the guide. Discounts are available for families and students. Guides who talk in all major European languages are available. Normally, the mine remains open from 7:30  AM to 7:30 PM.

2. Krakow to Auschwitz 

Auschwitz, the place where an infamous concentration camp was set up during the Second World War, has become the symbol of human cruelty and tyranny over the years. The place is about 66 km away from Krakow. Don’t mistake it for a tourism place. But it is worth visiting for every human being.

3. Krakow Christmas Market 

It is the most famous Christmas market in Poland. It starts on the last Friday of November and usually extends till the first Sunday of next year’s January. You can taste mulled wine, delicious traditional dishes and fabulous gift items.

It opens at early morning and closes only late at night. It is a magical sight to behold during the nights with all those lights and people. This is one of the places you need to be in to enjoy Krakow nightlife.

4. Kazimierz Krakow 

Kazimierz, about 2 km away from the Main Square, is a historic Jewish settlement in Krakow. Its history begins from quite ancient times. It was once a royal city of a Polish dynasty. The splendor of a royal city still reflects in its architecture and cityscape. 

5. Wawel Castle 

The Wawel Royal Castle is located less than 1 km away from the Main Square – it takes a maximum of 15 minutes by walk to reach there. It’s also easy to get there using public transport. 

The castle was built in the 11th century, when Krakow was the Polish Kingdom’s capital. The palace in itself is an architectural marvel. Now it is a museum which you can explore for hours. 

That sums up our five things to do in Krakow. There are other nice places too. Krakow Old Town, for example, deserves an honorable mention. If you are on a hurried visit, ensure that you visit the five places mentioned above. However, a more leisurely trip is recommended to enjoy all the Krakow tourist attractions – because there is much more than eating, drinking and sight-seeing in Krakow.

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