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Hostel in Krakow - accommodation in the heart of the city

Hostels in Krakow Hostels in Krakow draggo house

Krakow - a city that attracts and inspires. It is here, where the monuments perfectly interact with the art collections gathered in museums, motivating tourists to travel back in time.

This is the centre of artistic life not only of the malopolska region but also of Poland. Evening hubbub of the streets and cafes gives an impression that the city never sleeps. Old buildings create a special atmosphere for meetings of local bohemia. One day is not enough to learn secrets of the former capital of Poland and get the feeling of the climatic city. That is why cheap hostels in Krakow are besieged with tourists. No wonder, for the tourists from all around the world fell in love with this magical city.

Accommodation for groups in Krakow - oasis in the city hubbub.

Hostels in Krakow are places in which tourists will find peace and rest after a long day of exciting adventures, which will be many during sightseeing of the royal city. The location of the hostel determines the intensity of the visit and influences its quality. The closeness of the most important landmarks and monuments, in which the city life is blooming, makes the stay in Krakow full of excitement and rich cultural experiences. This is a place for a historian, art enthusiast, amateur of modern architectural designs, an explorer for the quiet places in a swarmed city and a culinary expert. A proper hostel should provide access to all the attractions. While choosing a hostel for groups in Krakow you should choose a place which is located in the heart of the city. Among many offers, one you should pay attention to is a Draggo House hostel, which meets the standards of services and conveniences.

Accommodation in the centre of Krakow - heart of the city within a reach.

Krakow’s Old Town is known for all - if not from personal experience then from postcards, paintings or books. It is here, where the surrounding of many interesting landmarks and climatic restaurants beats the heart of the former capital of Poland. Main Square is full of souvenirs of the historical glory of the city. You can see here the St. Mary’s Basilica, St. Wojciech church, Town Hall tower and Art Gallery in The Cloth Hall. You may, also, listen to the hymn from the Mary’s Basilica tower, for remembrance of the tatar’s attack from many centuries ago. Hostel in Krakow, which gives an opportunity to see the city centre at any time of the day or night is an excellent solution for all who appreciate freedom and no transportation limitations during sightseeing. Close localisation of all the main tourist attractions is the greatest advantage of Draggo hostel, which is within a walking distance to The Main Square and Wawel Castle - a must see place during each trip to Krakow.

The capital of Malopolska region is impossible to see in just one day. All the monuments and landmarks with romantic places and exquisite restaurants require much more time. Hostels in Krakow tempt tourists with variable offers and practical conveniences. However, it is worth considering the places which offer the best location first. It gives you certainty that the time spent in Krakow will not be wasted on transport, and the visits to all the main historical places which have endured many obstacles throughout history will always be cherished in the memory.


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