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Dior Serum Capture Totale

Woman’s beauty is read through her emotions, a sudden smile, a communicative joy or an expression of happiness. In developing the Nouveau Sérum Capture Totale , the Dior scientific team addressed these subtle sensations.

Yet, year after year, features tend to appear more downcast and more severe. In order to come up with a skincare product that restores the face its harmonious volumes, defined profile and natural youthful curves, the House’s researchers turned to a pioneering discovery, as Edouard Mauvais-Jarvis, Dior’s director of scientific communication, explains to us. “In 2015,in a new revolution, our researchers discovered the presence of a connector on the surface of stem cells.

A veritable switch that turns on or off depending on the needs of the surrounding cells. It enables the stem cellsto synchronize perfectly in order toprovide a specially tailored and relevant response. When the skin cells are synchronized, they adapt in turn how they work. It’s this cellular harmony that allows the skin to create its soft plumped up appearance. Over time, these switches disappear and with them the balance and the soft elasticity.”  

Boasting a texture designed for rapid and deep absorption, this care product created by Dior also bursts with extract drawn from a flower with extraordinary anti-ageing powers. “The new formula of the Sérum  C

Capture Totale is concentrated in a super-activated extract of Logonza from Dior’s Madagascar gardens. Its strength lies in the way it reestablishes - through these connectors – a perfect synchronization between stem cells in all layers of the skin. Skin is able to produce that elastic pulp once more. The face gets back its plumped up curves and that natural gentle curve that is the global signifier of youthfulness,”  explains Edouard Mauvais-Jarvis.

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