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What Tools Do You Need for Keratin Bonded Hair Extensions?

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If you are just a beginner in the hair extension industry, you will certainly be interested to know which hair extension tools are required for your work.

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What Tools Are Needed for Keratin Bonded Hair Extensions?

Modern hair extension tools are not just a caprice, but real assistants for each hairstylist. With them, your work will be even easier, more comfortable and more productive.

Since most stylists work in the fusions extension technique, we will take a closer look at what you need in your work:

  • Hair Extensions Iron Connectors for Gel and Standard Keratin Glue

Using these tools you can achieve perfect fixation of the strands!

They are suitable for both hair extension and rebonding procedures.

  • U-Shaped Pliers for Hair Extensions

With them, you can quickly and easily form keratin bonds of the required size (standard, micro or nano bonds) and give them the desired shape.

  • Hair Extension Removal Pliers

Help remove the bonds carefully without damaging the natural strands

  • Heat Protector Shields

The use of such shields protects the scalp of your clients from burns and helps to distribute the extensions evenly.

  • Keratin Glue Pellets

It’s a material that’s used to make bonds. There’s standard Italian keratin glue and gel keratin.

  • Keratin Bond Remover Liquid

With this liquid, you can easily soften keratin bonds and carefully remove hair extensions from a client’s head.

Do you know where to buy the best fusion hair extensions tools? Visit the I Love Slavic Hair online store. Here you can find a selection of top-quality virgin Slavic, Russian and European hair and proven hair extensions tools, which are in demand among the North American, Australian and European top stylists.

Working with these tools, you can be sure of a great result. The extension process will be much simpler, more convenient and more productive for you as a stylist, and also much more comfortable for your clients. You can be sure: they will certainly appreciate such an approach to work!

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