Monday, 15 September 2014 03:42

Sophisticated Inspiration

Class, elegance and exclusivity. This is what distinguishes the new Hyundai Genesis – Sedan, adapted to even the most sophisticated of tastes. The Genesis combines safety with good taste and the pleasure of driving.

The appearance of the Genesis tempts many just to take it for a test drive. Its stylish outline, LED-backlight lamps and its original chassis are indeed elements that conquer the hearts of many a connoisseur of elegant cars. Let us take a look inside – there, waiting for us is a wood-upholstered dashboard, high-quality screen navigation and a unique system which monitors the concentration of CO2 in the cabin. In addition to this, there are fully adjustable leather seats and a multifunctional steering wheel. Is it possible to want more?
Yes it is! A car is not just about having a nice interior, but there is also the question of safety which must be addressed. And the Hyundai Genesis provides it, one hundred percent. The ACC system with the stop-and-go function keeps the distance to the preceding vehicle under control, to ensure that it is not too big or small, and the autonomous emergency braking system ensures, that even in an emergency situation, nothing bad occurs. Both systems can effectively avoid collisions, even if the driver is exhausted and not entirely in control of the vehicle. If we add Blind Spot Detection to all of this, which allows for the detection of vehicles in our blind spot, then we have a perfectly safe car.
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