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Interview with jewelry designer Karen Ko.

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Since we loved Karen’s Jewelry, we wanted to interview her to find out more about the woman behind the label. In the interview featured below, Karen talks about growing up in Hawaii with her parents who owned a fine Jewelry store, honing her talents at F.I.T and why she decided to start k20 by Karen Ko. In essence, check out the interview and pictures from our visit to Karen’s showroom.

M: Tell us a little bit more about yourself, such as where you grew up, why you love fashion?

Karen Ko: I am really an island girl in the heart! I grew up in Hawaii where my parents ran a fine jewelry retail store. Needless to say, I developed an expensive taste at a young age! My love of fashion grew out of my love for jewelry. You cannot really have one without the other. Fashion allows me to project a certain image but jewelry allows me to define my trademark. Together, they create my own distinct style – which anyone can also do!

M: When did you start designing jewelry? Did you go to school for design or take any classes?

Karen Ko: My jewelry making skills began as a hobby when I was a teenager. However, my design skills did not fully mature until after I graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology’s Jewelry Design program.

M: Why did you start k2o by Karen Ko?

Karen Ko: I found it difficult to find fashion-forward statement jewelry that reflected my personal style. I wanted daring statement pieces that would distinguish me from others. Most of all, I disliked wearing jewelry that everyone else could easily buy. As a result, I chose to develop k2o shortly after graduating from. Taking what I learned outfit, I developed designs that reflected my personal style while still being fashion-forward and I named it k2o.

M: Describe the ideal k2o client, such as who she is, what she wears, what she does?

Karen Ko: The ideal k2o client is a woman who knows herself! She is independent and daring and most certainly a woman who enjoys standing out in a crowd.

M: What have you accomplished so far that you are really proud of?

Karen Ko: I would have to say, taking the leap to start my own business. I started my career in finance and made a decision early on to try to do pursue something I love. Quitting my finance job to start my own company was perhaps one of the scariest things I’ve done but it has also been the most rewarding!

M: What projects are you currently working on?

Currently, I am working on developing my e-commerce platforms (Modern Mix and Gilded Vault) and I hope to be launching my men’s jewelry line soon!

M: Where do you see k2o by Karen Ko in the next five years?

Karen Ko: I definitely hope k2o will become an iconic brand that sets the fashion trends and inspires future brands.

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