Saturday, 17 September 2016 08:14

Pay by card and let us surprise you!

Coco Rocha - World Mastercard Fashion Week 2014 Coco Rocha - World Mastercard Fashion Week 2014

Credit cards are our daily bread - there is virtually no one who doesn’t use this method of payment for shopping or for services. And what if you got something in return for using such a card? Mastercard has launched a new campaign - pay by card, and maybe your dreams will come true. Sounds unbelievable?

Yes, it does, and perhaps Mastercard will not fund a move to a luxury villa for you or get you to work in a worldwide corporation. But it is able to fulfill other, more original dreams. Meeting a star, an excursion, a bungee jump? There are many ideas. In the meantime, lets look at the first of these fulfilled dreams.

What dream is this? One of the easiest - to meet one of the world’s greatest supermodels - Coco Rocha. Impossible? Actually, it isn’t! Two friends had the opportunity to not only meet Coco Rocha, but also take a ride along with her in an elegant limousine and have themselves a great girlish fashion show. Your dream can also come true. Click on the video and check for yourselves!



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