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5 Tips To Make Sure Your Log Cabins Lasts Forever

Log cabins Log cabins

The attractive new log house that you pride now, cannot last forever. Time will play its game making the wood look old, damaged, and odorous.

But, that’s all preventable with some care and caution. This post will guide you with some tricks and tips that you can use for this part. Have a look.

Material Is The Key

The wooden logs for the residential log cabins come in many types. You can get them in cedar, pine, fir, spruce, oak, redwood, and a lot of other wood types.

Each of these woods comes with its pros and cons. Some are hard while others are resilient. There’s also a difference in their durability and moisture sustainability.

You need to consider the climatic factor of your place and find the wood material that suits you the best. It's also good to consider your finances for this party.

Minimize Exposure

It's a house and you can't simply shield it from the climatic changes. However, there are ways to reduce direct exposures. For instance, you can plant some trees near the compound that shades the log cabin. The trees can also reduce the rain showers, which means low water exposure. It will also help with issues like swelling, warping, and shrinkage.

The plants are also efficient in balancing moisture content and extending the life of your paints or stains. Ensuring minimal exposure during the construction can also help.

But, make sure that your shading structures are not too close to the house. Remember, you have to paint and maintain the house.


Log cabins are quite sturdy and will not get damaged overnight. It will take some days and sometimes a couple of months or years.

You should keep an eye on the signs of damage. You can check for rots, pests, and seals. It's also good to check the paint or stain and recoat the wood regularly.

Periodically staining the wood, caulking the doors and windows will also help. You can also check for molds and trees growing from your logs. Vegetation can cause the wood to rot and weakness.

Keep Eye For Rodents

Small rodents like rats and squirrels have a habit of nesting in wooden logs. It makes them feel at home and prevents them from rain and sun. Plus, they can get food from your home.

So, at some point, you will notice small nests of rodents in your house. Make sure you get rid of them. The nests are also the weak spots of your home that can let in moisture.

Moreover, the animals will keep on expanding these holes and their waste increases the chances of molds and fungus that can damage the wooden logs. They can also degrade indoor air quality and affect your health.

Stain Your Wood

To maintain the looks and cleanliness of your log cabins, you need to pressure wash it regularly. Repetition of the cleaning routine will take off the protective layer of the wood and you have to coat them again. Usually, painting the logs will do the job, but it's better to strain them instead.

Staining is much deeper and seals the wood rather than coat it. Thus, you get a protective layer over the wood without losing its natural appeals.

You can also consider sealant or clear coated wood from for enhancing the effectiveness of the coat.

Final Words

Overall, preventing direct contact of water and getting rid of damage is good to extend the life of a log house. So, use the above tricks and make sure your log cabin lasts forever.


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