Monday, 10 May 2021 05:06

Printed blankets – a designer hit in your bedroom!

gondola plush gondola plush pixabay

The bedroom is a place that should be distinguished by a pleasant atmosphere – it must be a refuge where every overworked person will be able to rest, recharge their batteries, and relax.

Today the arrangement of the bedroom is one of the most important elements of decorating the whole house or apartment. In addition to a beautiful bed, curtains, curtains, curtain rods and roller blinds, all accessories that complement the appearance of the bedroom play an extremely important role. One of the real hits recently are blankets with print.

Why choose a blanket with a print?

When entering the bedroom, we first focus our eyes on the bed, because this piece of furniture is clearly associated primarily with relaxation after a hard day's work. Therefore, all accessories and decorative elements that are located around the bed largely affect the way we perceive our bedroom. The lack of such elements can often contribute to less relaxation, because it is the small elements that release us from the stress that we accumulate during each day. One of the most important accessories for every bedroom is a plush blanket – it allows to cover up on cold days, and also when you do not feel well. What's more, the blanket will also be very useful when watching TV series together or getting out of bed in the morning – wrapping yourself in a pleasant blanket results in a release of endorphins, which is why you feel so relaxed. The real hit of recent seasons is the plush blanket with a print, because such a bedroom element is not only very practical, but also look great. There are various designs of such blankets available on the market today, such as the gondola plush. Thanks to this, you can exactly match the pattern of such a blanket to your bedroom decor. This is important because it allows for design consistency, which also affects our well-being.

Printed blankets – which designs are the most popular today?

Among printed blankets, all kinds of patterns depicting plants and animals as well as architectural patterns are very popular. What's more, we can have exactly the pattern on the blanket that will show our interests, passions and desires. For example, a blanket with a gondola can reflect our love of Italian cuisine and a trip to Venice. It is worth noting that the number of patterns to choose from is so large that everyone can find something perfect for themselves. Such a blanket will be a great companion for every night and a sleepy day, because its beautiful design will make you feel even more relaxed.



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