Thursday, 05 March 2015 10:13

A job after graduation? It's possible!

Each of us has big plans after graduating. We want to work in our profession, develop in a particular direction, or simply be good at what we do. However, reality often brings us back down to earth - a lack of experience and certain skills disqualifies us in the labour market. How do we fix this?

The answer is the Master of Management program at Sauder’s Robert H. Lee Graduate School, which is dedicated to the most outstanding university graduates. During the nine-month program, you will have the opportunity not only to acquire skills in negotiation, team management and accounting, but also gain valuable experience by participating in numerous projects.

Within a few months, you will boost your CV by adding the missing information and jobs in large corporations will be waiting for you. This comprehensive program will teach you how to prepare for job interviews, how to spice up your resume and will get you accustomed to the business life of large corporations in a very practical way. This is a chance that doesn’t come around very often.

You can, of course, apply for an internship or attend courses organized by your faculty, but why should you have to run around from one institution and another? A single institution can provide you with everything you need.
Want to learn more about the program? Click on the video.



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