Saturday, 17 September 2016 11:28

Detach from technology

Can you not sit still while with your friends in the pub without checking your Facebook status from time to time? Or maybe you carry a tablet to every family dinner, where it serves as the main center of entertainment? If so, then the most recent advice from TELUS is precisely aimed at you!

TELUS has decided to start a mini campaign in which the main goal is to put aside all electronic devices during this coming Christmas. The idea sounds very serious, but the whole campaign will actually be carried out in a very enjoyable way. In addition to the funny promotional videos, we are also given eight other major hints about how to take a little rehab from electronics.

Firstly, set yourself small goals. Do not give up right away with all your electronic devices, but take small steps. For example, tell yourself that you will not reach out for your phone during mealtimes.

Secondly, declare to your friends on Facebook or Twitter that you are taking up the challenge from TELUS by posting the #HolidayMode hashtag.

Thirdly, turn off your phone and tablet notification functions.

Fourthly, remove all unnecessary applications.

Fifthly, make fun of disconnecting yourself, dragging your friends into it by doing so.

Sixthly, set aside the phone in a safe and distant place, so you that you can’t look at it every minute.

Seventhly: Set up auto-replies for your friends.

And eighthly: determine with your closest ones how they can contact you in an emergency. For example snail-mail or ... landline!



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