Wednesday, 26 November 2014 14:45

The Modern LG TV

The world is changing every day. A few years ago, mobile phones were used only for calling, but today they are our own little command centers. Without leaving the house, we can control our children in school, and thanks to the internet we can chat to friends on the other side of the world. Are these changes also apparent in TVs?

It turns out that they are. The new series of LG Smart TVs is a unique range of TVs which combine outstanding image quality with very high functionality. And despite the fact that they are a technological novelty, anyone can handle them easily. The intuitive interface makes it easy for people of virtually any age to use the TV.
The Smart TV is also a modern form of multimedia device, which we can even use during business meetings or among our friends. Thanks to numerous options such as WiDi or Miracast we can easily connect to other devices such as a tablet or a laptop and download the necessary data from it. You no longer need a projector to show your photos or presentations - just upload the image to the Smart TV and everyone present has a perfect view of the images shown.
Curious about what other benefits are hidden in a Smart TV? Click on the video!



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