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Fall in love with Brunswick !

The Algonquin Resort The Algonquin Resort

The season of summer is about to begin, so it’s worth thinking now about where you will choose to go on vacation. Will it be the Caribbean? Or maybe a lovely week in Paris? If none of these options are to your liking, then take a look at our proposal of spending your vacation ... in Canada!


When choosing a place where we want to spend our vacation, we draw our attention to a number of things. The first of these, is if there is a large number of local tourist attractions: whether there are any parks, or museums or simply sights that are worth seeing. The second, is if there is a well-developed selection of hotels, which will allow us to choose exactly where to stay, according to our dreams. And the last thing is if there is a beautiful landscape, thanks to which our vacation will remain in our memory for a long time. All of these elements can be found in New Brunswick - the picturesque province of Canada in which it is impossible to get bored.
While visiting New Brunswick you mustn’t miss out on St. Andrews. This historically rich city is located on Passamaquoddy Bay. There you’ll find The Algonquin Resort - one of the most famous and luxurious hotels in Canada. It has now resumed business after its renovation in March. Not far from The Algonquin Resort is the beautiful Algonguin Golf Course.

Canadian beerNew Brunswick is also brewing. Each of the 3 largest cities has a microbrewery. The most famous of these is Picaroons Traditional Ales, The Pumphouse Brewery and The Big Tide Brewery.

It is right here, in New Brunswick where not only fantastic parks with real wonders of nature can be found, but also amazing attractions which will allow us to get away from our everyday problems.
Such a place is the Dream Dome Camping ground in the Kingston Peninsula. An unforgettable holiday can be spent here, in luxury cabins in the shape of domes. A luxurious bed, bathroom, kitchen, and even a jacuzzi are at your disposal.

You also cannot avoid the 50th anniversary of the Roosevelt Campobello International Park. On 7-10 August 2014 Campbello Island will host many important personalities from Canada and the USA.
New Brunswick will also be the host of the World Acadian Congress held on 8-24 August 2014. Trying the delicious cuisine there is a must, especially the poutine râpée.
Among the attractions there are casinos, rope parks, organized ferry cruises around the bay or even just walks along the sandy beach. And here, it is also worth mentioning the fact that each year New Brunswick organizes several music festivals alongside these attractions.

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