Thursday, 15 May 2014 13:22

Feel the freedom

Tired after a long day, you get into your car with the thought that in a moment you will find yourself on your way home. You turn the key and ... oops, the car has broken down again. Irritated, you start to wonder why is it, that even the car is against you. And now another situation: Feeling tired, you get into the car. Without thinking about it you twist the key, and from under the hood of the car a quiet but distinctive rumble of a powerful engine reaches your ears. A pleasant vision, isn’t it? This is what awaits you with a new Subaru WRX.

Driving is a real pleasure for many people – you get in behind the wheel and your mind is released. Assuming, of course, that it is the right car. Trouble-free, fast, with a large dose of power, which you do not have to use on an every day basis. It is enough to know, that you can lightly step on the gas and swiftly get away from a gang of idiots. This is the new WRX. Designed with reference to the new concept of "Pure Power in Your Control", the car was unveiled at the LA Auto show. A sleek, sporty trinket that hides an engine of supreme power. The engine itself is a turbocharged 2.0 liter DIT SUBARU BOXTER, which offers improved performance over its predecessor and maintains high environmentally friendly performance. 

The drive is transmitted by a 6 speed manual gear box. CVT Sport Lineatronic automatic transmission is also available.

Subaru 2015 WRX

In the new 2015 Subaru WRX we also have new headlights, a hood with a large air inlet, an aggressive front bumper and a new rear bumper with a diffuser. You'll also notice that the side skirts and rear spoiler are now on the boot lid. The car is also equipped with 17-inch alloy wheels with Dunlop SP Sport Maxx RT tyres.

However, it is well and truly inside the new Subaru WRX where the driver feels at home, away from the daily grind and everyday problems. Subaru has taken care to use better finishing materials. We can see modified dials, sports seats and a new D-shaped steering wheel. Time spent in the car is also accompanied with a high-quality audio system.

Sports transmission, leather seats, modern four-wheel drive - all these just make you want to shoot off into the distance, and leave all your troubles behind.
Because driving is a pleasure - the better the car, the greater. And what makes this car so good? The elegant silhouette, the sporty power, the low fuel consumption and low exhaust emission – these are the keys to success, found by the creators of the new WRX .




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