Friday, 18 July 2014 06:52

Give support by watching!

A lot of people suffer all over the world. Their ailments are both very serious and less serious. Sometimes they are fatal, sometimes trivial and transient. But no matter what we suffer from, we want the best medical care to look after us. But how can the quality of medical services be raised? 

The answer is a unique program called Give Where We Live, that deals with the constant improvement of health services. Money from this program is allocated to various aims, related to the improvement in quality of treatment. Incubators, modern treatment rooms, psychological support for cancer patients and many, many others. Does that sound unbelievable? If so, then you will certainly be surprised by how easily you can support this program.

Just watch the video and you'll be taken to the TELUS webpage. TELUS is a unique company providing telecommunication, television and various gadgets, and on their site you will find the touching story of Angel. If she also grabs you by your heart, click and share the video with your friends. You’ll be amazed, because that is enough to support the scheme. How so?

TELUS provides one U.S. dollar to the program every time the video is re-posted. And as you know - one U.S. dollar sometimes determines whether you can purchase vital equipment or not.

Do you not believe that you’re helping? Read the stories of people who helped in the Give Where We Live program. Just click on the video!



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