Wednesday, 16 July 2014 12:07

Ways to improve your garden

System maintenance is the number one reason gardeners quit. Having an improperly designed garden system can make life more complicated. There isn’t an easier way to learn gardening than with hydroponics. Advances in these new systems ease the process leaving more time for enjoyment.

For many years, gardeners have been gardening using traditional methods. The primary method involves the use of soil and containers. This system works good when nothing goes wrong. The biggest problems start when plants show signs of deficiencies.. Either way, it is almost impossible to remove these symptoms once started.

For the most part, the benefits are enough to justify these systems. Most of the time, the negatives outweigh these benefits. To complicate things further, moisture levels are very difficult to measure. To add even more complication, the moisture level in these soil gardens are difficult to ascertain. When soil dries out, it looses its ability to retain water. At the other end, if allowed to remain too wet, plants will stress and die. On the other hand, if it is left too wet, the plants can die from lack of oxygen.

These new systems are simple and give the gardener full control over their plants. PH, water and fertilizer levels are easily measured and maintained. Moisture, pH and nutrient levels are all easily controlled and measured. This is useful for situations were difficulties arise or over watering conditions exist. To add to these benefits, most systems require very little space to operate. It is common to find these hydroponic systems operating on counter tops. Most, if not all systems, are self contained requiring minimal maintenance. For the most part, these setups low maintenance and self sufficient.

Keeping the design simple not only helps make the whole process more enjoyable, it also allows the gardener to focus on what they love to do. Lighting and ventilation are important for proper function. Clean any debris and keep an eye out for leaks. As a rule, keep the garden clean and leak free.


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