Tuesday, 08 July 2014 08:08

Safety in the car with the Bumpr application

As many as 60% of drivers admit to using a mobile phone while driving. Even 50% of accidents on the road are caused by simultaneous driving and using a cell phone. Such statistics led Belairdirect to the decision to create a new application, increasing safety on the road - Bumpr!


Bumpr is a modern application for smartphones that allows you to avoid dangerous situations on the road. How so? It's simple - bumpr works like an answering machine. When you receive a notification (no matter if it's from a social network or an ordinary text message), the application automatically sends a customised response message to the sender, informing them that you will contact that person when you are no longer driving a car. bumprbumprBumpr a good solution, because it doesn’t need your active invovement to answer, and what’s more – it turns on and off automatically, so you don’t need to remember to do so. An additional advantage of this application is the fact that even if you receive a notification about a message, you won’t know about it. Which in turn ensures that you don’t reach out for your cell phone, so you can focus on driving. How does the application know that you’re in a car? It's easy - thanks to a built-in accelerometer and an enabled GPS, any smartphone is able to sense that you are currently travelling by car.
The application is available on smartphones equipped with an Android operating system.



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