Monday, 14 July 2014 09:15

All over the world with a camera

 Nikon D5300 Nikon D5300

You know the feeling ... You look around and you feel like a hunter. Suddenly you see it! You do a quick shot and happily walk away, looking for another opportunity. You hide your pocket camera and you already know that in the evening you will have a lot of pictures to view. Because photography is a passion, and Future Shop appreciates this!

Nhi Le is a true enthusiast when it comes to photography. For years, he’s been taking pictures that are real masterpieces. Today we would like to share some advice which can help you – the amateur photographer to take your first steps with the camera. But that's not all - if you feel that photography is your passion, then take part in the Future Shop competition! The grand prize - a real treat for anyone who likes to surround themselves with good gadgets – the Nikon D5300, which is a camera that not only takes great pictures and  records high quality movies, but also has a built-in WiFi adapter.Nikon D5300How can you win this beauty? First of all, watch the video, in which Nhi Le is trying to hunt down more great pictures. Then look at the profiles of Future Shop on Instagram and read the instructions for taking good pictures. And then? Take a photo, upload it on Instagram and Twitter, label it respectively ... and wait for the prize! One lucky guy will be announced, who will receive a Nikon D5300. Want to know more? See the movie!




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