Tuesday, 19 August 2014 09:47

The milk carton conquers the world of cartoons!

What do you drink for breakfast? Juice, tea, perhaps coffee? And what about for lunch at school? Surely a carbonated beverage or something else from a vending machine. Well, once you watch these videos, I’m pretty sure you’ll change your mind and start drinking something much healthier… Can you guess what it is yet? Haha – not telling you!


Snack Time! The new video series on Youtube for young people just like you! Finally, the hero of the series – the milk carton has a chance to show what he’s made of in the world of cornflakes, cakes, rolls with jam and other beverages. See for yourself how milk sizes up against other, let’s face it - far less valuable beverages. OK, so maybe milk doesn’t stand out from the crowd in any sensational way, but give him a chance and you'll see that he really is... cool! See for yourself how milk can adapt to every situation. In this video series - Snack Time, our small carton of milk is to be found in various situations and has lots of exciting adventures.

But what is healthy is not necessarily convincing, right? That’s why we encourage you to click on the video and see for yourself that milk is your friend, who you can go out with and accompany you on the road, at school or even at a party at a bonfire with friends without shame!



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