Wednesday, 26 November 2014 09:57

Win big with StoryHive

You’re a creator. You know that in order to create anything on the internet, you have to work really hard, and from the very beginning. Hot topics, current trends, an interesting performance - all these things attract the audience. But wouldn’t it be nice if your ideas were evaluated by a group of other authors who can advise you on how to become famous?

StoryHive is a platform which brings together authors of web content, where you can share and discuss your ideas on how to create it. You can get to know a lot of interesting people, and most importantly - learn about interesting things that you will be able to use in your own work in the future.
StoryHive is also a campaign created by TELUS, in which the aim is to support young artists. The currently ongoing second edition is centered around the creation of web series. There are up to $10,000 to be won in this year's edition for creating your own one.
Participation in the campaign is open to anyone who creates on the web, regardless of how well they can use different tools or how long they have been creating series for. In the first stage, the top 30 artists will be selected, who will then face each other in the voting challenge in stage two.
Want to know more about StoryHive and the ongoing campaign? Watch the video!



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