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Why invest in the stock market?

It is a sensible idea to multiply your own capital, because money in your savings account is simply eaten away by inflation.

To be considered as a fully-fledged Polish citizen, you have to meet several conditions and prove you have strong ties with Poland. Based on the Act of 2nd of April 2009 on Polish citizenship, it can be issued to any foreigner who lodged a motion in an appropriate institution.

Some people would probably say that as long as you dress formally to a job interview, it is alright and nobody would not notice any difference if you put an extra effort into your clothes.

Cosmetics and pharmacy packaging is an issue that may have a significant impact on the decisions regarding the purchase of the particular product.

Monday, 04 January 2021 05:05

How to type a resume

The most common question is "how to type a resume for a job?" comes to newcomers who have just graduated from educational institutions. Young job seekers do not always know what they want, so it is even more difficult to imagine what a potential employer expects. 

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