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Can foreigners get citizenship in Poland? – Where to start?

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To be considered as a fully-fledged Polish citizen, you have to meet several conditions and prove you have strong ties with Poland. Based on the Act of 2nd of April 2009 on Polish citizenship, it can be issued to any foreigner who lodged a motion in an appropriate institution.

However, the Polish citizenship application process is not that simple. That’s why we have decided to help you and show you a few ways of acquiring Polish citizenship. Stay with us for a moment!

Grant of Polish citizenship

‘Can I apply for Polish citizenship as a foreigner?’ What conditions should I meet to become a Polish citizen?’ ‘Do I need to be of Polish origin to file a motion?’ These questions are quite important if we talk about acquiring citizenship in Poland by foreigners. Following Polish law, the President of the Republic of Poland may grant citizenship to any foreigner at his request. Of course, it is not that easy, and what’s more, there is a set of documents you must submit while applying for Polish citizenship. Before the application process starts, you will need to check your eligibility for Polish citizenship. What do we mean? The President of Poland has unlimited power and that means you can apply for citizenship even if you do not have ancestors who once held Polish citizenship. Nevertheless, documents proving your Polish descent or strong connections with Poland might be helpful in this case. Confirming your eligibility lets you take part in the whole process. The more sufficient reasons stated in your application, the better for you. What else should you know about the citizenship process in Poland? Read more about

Another ways of obtaining Polish citizenship

Still looking for a proper way to get Polish citizenship and apply for a Polish passport? Here it is! Any foreigner who would like to take part in Polish society, should familiarize themselves with Polish law or contact Polish Citizenship Experts for a free assessment of his or her case. Before you decide to do it, you should also check a few ways of becoming a Polish citizen. How to get citizenship in Poland?

  • Citizenship through ancestry – citizenship is passed via the right of blood. If one of your ancestors was born in Poland or its former territories and resided there after 1920, there is a chance you are of Polish origin. Do not worry if you have no documents confirming your ancestry. Polish Citizenship Experts will conduct research to check your eligibility and gather the necessary documents so you can lodge an application.
  • Citizenship by naturalization – the application must be lodged in the Voivodeship office. The process of Polish citizenship by naturalization only applies to the ones who live in Poland.
  • Citizenship by adoption – it only applies to children under 16.

Benefits of becoming a Polish citizen

Would you like to know what happens after the successful completion of the process? You will gain way more benefits than you could ever think about! First of all, becoming a Polish citizen makes you also an EU citizen and that means you can travel without any visa restrictions or work freely in Poland or any other European country. If you have plans to move to Europe or study here, go ahead and do it. What’s more, your family gets the same rights as you despite not being Polish citizens. Sounds great, doesn't it? All you need to do is register your spouse in the country of your choice or apply for a free spouse visa. If it comes to your kids, they may be considered as family members of European citizen, or you can also start the process of Polish citizenship confirmation. That’s all!

Apply for Polish citizenship and enjoy all those benefits!


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