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Fashion Tips for a Job Interview for Women from

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Some people would probably say that as long as you dress formally to a job interview, it is alright and nobody would not notice any difference if you put an extra effort into your clothes.

That might be true in some cases. But wouldn’t you rather do everything you can to increase your chances to get the job or at least make the best impression? Yes, we assumed as much. So here are a few tips how you can achieve that.

Think about the workplace

First, you should think about the type of job you are applying for. Is it an office job? Would you potentially work as a barista in a local café? Is it more artistic position? Of course, it is always safer to overdress a little because you don’t know what the interviewing person may expect from you. But, if it is more informal environment, some casual pieces of clothing might make actually make a good impression. But, as always, you don’t want to overdo anything.

Follow some basic rules

The main objective is to get the job posting, of course. But the second most important thing is to impress the interviewing person and show your respect and your professionalism. And that requires to follow at least some of those well-known rules. So, as a woman, you definitely don’t want to look cheap, provocative, immature, ill-mannered or overly extravagant. Try to look neat, elegant with a little bit of your personal style in it. That’s the safest way in our opinion.

How your outfit could look like?

For example – you can wear a skirt suit or a trouser suit in the colour that suits you the best. Add some subtle and bright makeup and a simple updo if you have long hair. Choose one (yes, only one) distinctive accessory that expresses your personality well. Then you are in for a success and if not, they will certainly at least remember you.


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