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Tips For Successful Facebook Giveaways

It is the season of giving, and there are a lot of brands who are in the spirit of giving. Social media has become the perfect platform for brands to drive traffic to their pages. Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites in the world. It is estimated that by the third quarter of 2018 there are 2.28 billion active Facebook users each month.  

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How To Have the Perfect Facebook Giveaway?

Let's admit it; we are selfish by nature its what makes us human. Am sure you like being smarter, stronger and faster, the thing is everyone likes being singled out from the group. So what happens when you win a contest? How well does it feel to be the overall best?


If you have a brand, then you know that contests drive a lot of traffic to your page on social media. This is one tactic to grow your audience and market your products and services. There will be constant visitors to your page who are thrilled about the contest, and a new audience will also be driven towards it.


However, the challenge and the prize should feel right, and it should be worth it. Therefore if you are looking to pull the right Facebook contest, you need to read the following tips.


  • Get familiar with Facebook terms and conditions.

Facebook has its own terms and conditions which every user has to adhere. Moreover, these terms and conditions get reviewed every time. Therefore before posting any contest, you should check out Facebook pages policies.

This will ensure that you run a promotion that complies to those policies. For instance, you must indicate in your rules that Facebook has nothing to do with your contest.

  • Identify which type of contest best defines your brand.

A contest or a giveaway is cool once there are prizes. However, it is best to hold a contest which best defines your brand. For instance, you can post photos, ask questions, "liking" to win and so many more.

Before you undertake this, then you need to find out what your Facebook users like. In simple terms, you need to know what is interesting to your target audience. This can be done by for instance by holding like a five-minute survey.

  • Create Contest rules.

It is very important to be very clear on the rules since you cannot go back on them once you post them. This will ensure that there is no room for unwanted situations and wrangles.

  • Launch the contest.

You should launch the contest at the right time. It should be when there is a lot of traffic.

Tip: Always ensure that you do not hold a contest before or during a holiday. A lot of users at the time may not be interested.

  • Constantly promote your contest.

Once you launch a contest, do not forget about it. If you do, then your Facebook audience will also forget about it. Thus it is best to keep talking about it. You can even go the extra mile of sharing it on all other social media sites.

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