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Canada is looking for workers

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The Canadian government intends to issue 340,000 residence visas for foreigners in 2020, in order to complete the labour market gap. The government assumes that migrants will prevent population ageing and contribute to the country's economic development.

The government is not hiding that the reason for the decision to increase immigration limits is the worryingly weak demographic situation. Without comprehensive action, the Canadian economy may not be able to cope in the long term. The government points out that by 2035, five million Canadians will be retired, and it is now time to start thinking about the ways in which these future vacancies can be filled.

The Canadian government considers the whole matter very seriously. Immigrants have access to free English and French lessons. In Canada, not only newcomers from Central and Eastern Europe will find employment, but also migrants from Asia and Africa.This is not a new situation with issuing residence visas, similar actions, but on a smaller scale, have already taken place in previous years. The fact that many foreigners work in different sectors of the economy is confirmed by Canadians themselves. The whole integration process is going quite quickly. So far, the negative effects of immigration have been avoided. But of course, as in any process of this scale, there are some minor problems. 

And here is an example, I have talked to many Canadians and many of them have told me different stories, such as the inability to communicate with a technician of a telecommunications company ( who often comes from Asia), a builder (often Europeans from Ukraine, Lithuania or Poland), or language problems in contacts with the bank's helpline.

The average salary is 50 thousand Canadian dollars per year. People with high qualifications earn more. An employee can gain additional competences through extra courses and trainings. Be your positive attitude at work, through learning and continuous professional development. Would you like to earn more? Maybe it is time for a change? First of all, improve your current Resume. Check how a good Resume that may provide you with a good job looks like.

On the page you will find ready-to-use Resume templates. Additionally, you have a free application to create your Resume and cover letter. Link to the wizard - You can download ready documents in PDF format to your computer for free, without any hidden fees. Finally, such a titbitbit. Have you wondered why Canadian advertisements are not funny? Well, the recipient often knows English at a basic level, so in order for the advertisement to reach them, advertisers do not use sophisticated language.

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